:: 031908 ::
Deb Mascara, Josh Dolby and lou suSi to present Commercial Interruptions 2.0 at Outloud Open Mike @ The Beebe Estate in Melrose in March 2008. This is the first official live Radio Pü performance since their appearance at SiNuS' Night Out at The Lizard Lounge back in 2003!
Check out Radio Pü now! :: >>
Visit Outloud online :: >>
:: 022908 ::
On Friday, February 29, 2008 ... lou suSi will be one of several local creative professionals presenting at The Failure Support Group at The Democracy Center in Cambridge ... more details at Upcoming.org :: >>
:: 022408 ::
On February 24, 2008 ... lou suSi hosts The ALL Gallery Impromptu Open Mike + 'Take Over'. Join us as we celebrate the Art League of Lowell's Winter Salon exhibit with open mike activities ... music, poetry, spoken word, performance art, dance and comedy. There will also be a large scale collaborative drawing session throughout the event ... more details at Upcoming.org :: >>
:: 012808 ::
lou suSi gets promoted to the role of UX Lead at Monster as part of their Monster Redux initiatives. Focus on UX innovations to Account Setup, Resume Create and Apply.
:: 012508 ::
lou suSi completes his mini-MBA for Artists at The Creative Continuum through Bentley and The Massachusetts College of Art.
Check out The Creative Continuum:
Business and the Creative Process
:: 010508 ::
BXOS !nteractive! proudly launches the official website for Bohemian Coffee on West Emerson Street in Melrose, Massachusetts.
Check out Bohemian Coffee online now! :: >>
:: 120507 ::
check it out :: as part + parcel of applying for a fellowship in poetry from the MCC, lou finally put his artist resume together :: so between this little document and the BXOS oeuvre there's alot to see ... over a decade of commercial + personal creative work in graphic + fine arts :: check 'em out, aight?

lou suSi's artist resume
BXOS !nteractive! design oeuvre
lou suSi's commercial design resume

:: 120607 ::
lou suSi to appear at Squawk Coffeehouse in Harvard Square :: while Outloud is on a bit of a break until 2008, lou suSi plans to stop into Squawk to play a Haberdash tune or 3 ... maybe some Group of 9 ... so stop on by, aight?

:: 120507 ::
BXOS !nteractive! proudly announces the release of Merlin's Oracle 2.0 ... check out the new site ... peace, love & light ... and don't forget the little Flash promo

visit Merlin's Oracle :: >>
view the Merlin's Oracle Flash promo :: >>

:: 011707 ::
lou suSi to appear at Outloud @ The Beebe in Melrose MA :: spokenword streaMs of freedom + friendship
:: read more :: >>
:: 111506 ::
Ribbon cutting event at The Susi Cafe at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell
:: 070305 ::
BXOS !nteractive! severs ties with Mike Thomas and the Harborview Gallery website
:: read more :: >>
:: 021105 ::
BXOS !nteractive! launches the Harborview Gallery website featuring the photography of Mike Thomas
:: read more :: >>
:: 051804 ::
lou suSi slated to teach Web Design II course at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell
:: read more :: >>
  :: 042904 ::
ktAnonymous collaborative proposal submitted to the University of Massachusetts at Lowell
:: read more :: >>
:: 031604 ::
Lou Susi mentioned at the end of a New Media article on bigREDandshiny :: read more :: >>
  :: 031004 ::
nsm welcomes video artist Walter Wright into March session :: read more :: >>
  :: 022704 ::
nsm welcomes Kanarinka + Pirun of iKatun into February session :: read more :: >>
  :: 010504 ::
Lou Susi joins UMass Lowell as guest instructor lecturer for the course 'Aesthetics + Critical Studies of New Media' :: read more :: >>
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